Luto familiar: um desafio na psicologia

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Has been published once, the first this year, issue NBR Modelist №1 2011. In the magazine you'll get a model atomic Secret Intelligence shock submarine RybaFISH, which is a snap to assemble. It can even be printed on black-and-white printer and a little dokrasit as the main color of the submarine - black. Make a model with the children, give them happiness teamwork! You see page: №1 2011. Nuclear submarine RybaFISH
Last Launched in 2010, the ship - a submarine-type «RybaFISH». This is a joyous event took place in late 2010 in the city of shipbuilders Kolyanovo in our region.

"Father" of the project is honored naval edges, winner of the world's technical awards, academician Vasislav Korablina, a direct descendant of the medieval genius. Vasislav Bazilevich shared with our magazine his outline of the submarine, which he did when he thought about the concept of the project. Editors of the magazine "BNK Modelist" heartily thanked Academician. Details on the website BNK Modeler and in the newspaper "Zakidonskaya Truth."
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