Luto familiar: um desafio na psicologia

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The book, prepared by the well-known writer and psychologist, some interesting testimonies of people who are victims of his passion for divination and omens. Because of simple and instructive stories should be simple and indisputable conclusion, a well-known believers: refer to fortune tellers and witch in any case it is impossible, it is detrimental to the soul, and often leads to premature death. The collection also includes articles and sermons of authoritative Orthodox priests and psychologists about the dangers of divination and omens. For a wide range of readers. You see page: Fortune-telling and omens - a recipe unhappiness. Dmitr
Dmitry Semenik - known writer and psychologist, one of the founders of family themed sites to help find a way out of the most difficult situations. Each visitor to the site can share the story of his life: to warn against errors, tell about how he managed to solve the problems. There are published comments psychologists, priests, tips, interviews of people who have achieved success in life.
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