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3. 10. JSC "InfoTech" takes the fire alarm system to be installed in the head office building belonging to JSC "InfoTech" worth 32,916.67 rubles. The costs for the installation of the system consisted of 22 500 rubles. The cost of warranty service of fire alarm system - 1500 rubles. per month.

Required to reflect on the abacus accounting JSC "InfoTech" operations on the acquisition, installation and warranty service of fire alarm system.

4. 11. Svetlana Hablitskaya article "Cyborgs are already living among us" ["Komsomolskaya Pravda" on August 6, 1999] reported that in Paris microchips implanted in 90 thousand. Trees whose condition will be monitored through portable computers. Thanks to this innovation is possible to learn what happens to a tree, and in time to help him. "It takes about 15 minutes to put the three-centimeter chip into a tree and enter the data into a computer," - says Christiane Manto, which monitors the state of the trees. In addition, the chip does not bring harm to the tree, and can detect a disease that can develop into an epidemic. It is known that 13 years ago in Paris, grew 13,000 elms, and today there are only 130 because of time undetected disease. The cost of processing each tree - $ 7 Four of them - the price of the chip. The cost of the new tree - $ 2700.

Required: Will the cost of a new tree if he implanted a microchip?

5. 11. The Director of association "Energy" Glass VM ordered the elimination of obsolete electronic computer EC-1068. The initial cost of a computer was 70 000 rubles. The amount of amortization calculated over the lifetime of 59 600 rubles. Salaries of personnel to dismantle the computer (including contributions to the state budget funds) - 4300 rubles. The market value of precious metals remaining after the removal of computers, 8,300 rubles.

Requires reflect Registered JSC "Energy" operation to eliminate the computer.

7. 11. Fig. 4.2 presents various options for calculating depreciation of fixed assets. Put down corresponding to that of depreciation key legends, if you know that the original value of fixed assets 10 000 y. e., and the life of 4 years:

a) straight-line method;

b) the method of sum of numbers of years of useful life;

c) declining balance method.

8. 12. OOO "Geniuses and clever" registered trademark "Normal powder" at the State Patent Office of the Russian Federation.

Required: What accounting records should be reflected in the statement of account of the trademark.

10. 13. Agricultural enterprise "Elite vegetables" grows vegetables in greenhouses. To cover the expenses on the heat and energy local budget allocates special funds. In recent years, compensation makes delivery of fertilizers and spare parts.

Required to reflect on the abacus accounting admission earmarked funds.

1. 16. OOO "Wind of Change" is used time payment of employees. The salary of employees is charged on the basis of the dollar rate set by the Central Bank on the day of payroll.

Required: to what extent it is necessary to calculate the temporary disability benefits manager Ivan Ivanov, during his illness if the dollar has increased significantly, which led to an increase in salary?

2. 16. In the literary parodies of the O'Henry "Man of Action" states:

"Sam Sloker knew a lot about whiskey in wheat, in hours, in guinea pigs, in the wheel of ointment, in stockings, in shells, in grades indigo, diamonds in the soles, in pictures and in many other ways. When I met him for the first time in Oklahoma, he was selling the elixir of its own production, the antidote to bites rabid lizards. In Minnesota, we were faced with him at the bar bagrovolitsey widow, Mrs. PIRLS innkeeper. He offered his services to the widow as a chiropodist for a bottle of Scotch. "

Required: You see page: Tasks for boo. accounting (MISA)
3. 17. When checking it was found that the cost of upgrading office premises of the company "Wrigley", the implementation of its own, in the amount of 800 thousand. Rub. attributed to the operating costs of the company.

Required: is it right? Give an accounting entries in the accounts of accounting.

4. 17. For the working capital needed for production, Ltd. "Chance" took a short-term loan in the bank "St. Petersburg". The loan agreement with the bank was issued on the security of the production building company "Chance." When making a pledge LLC "Chance" insured property - industrial building and assured the contract at the notary.

Required: is it possible to include these costs in the cost of products manufactured by LLC "Chance"?

7. 18. JSC "STAR link" provides paging services director of "City ltd". Monthly JSC "City ltd" lists a current account advance of 480 rubles. (Including VAT - 80 rubles.) For the transfer of 40 posts. The unused amount of the advance payment goes to the next reporting month. JSC "STAR link" defines revenue for tax purposes, "the shipment". In September 2001, was transferred to 34 posts, their cost, including indirect costs, amounted to 240 rubles.

Required to reflect on the abacus accounting JSC "STAR link" operations involving the sale of paging services in September 2001.

8. 18. The "ABC" in April 2001 to the contract of sale and received a kitchen set capitalized cost of 60 000 rub., Including VAT - 10 000 rubles. with a view to resale. According to the agreement to replace the original monetary obligation provided for a new shipment of products provider - set of office furniture, plain, t. E. The market price of the sale of which is 75 000 rub., Including VAT - 12 500 rubles. Cost of products taking into account the indirect costs - 55 000 rubles.

It is required to make accounting records, if we know that the kitchen unit was sold to the company "ABC" 90 000 rub., Including VAT - 15 000 rubles. until the conclusion of the agreement to change the liability.

10. 22. According to the results of the year JSC "Steel" has received a loss of $ 7,000 thousand. Rub.

Required: whether to pay dividends to shareholders at the expense of retained earnings, which is 25 000 thousand. Rub.?

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