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Motorcycles "Ural", "Dnepr". Maintenance, repair. Repair Manual

Composition. K.P.Bykov, P.V.Grischenko; Ed. T.A.Shlenchik - Chernihiv; PFC

"Ranok"; Moscow, OOO "RusAvtokniga" 2001. - 208c .; Fig. You see page: Motorcycles "Ural", "Dnepr". Maintenance, repair.
The book deals with the device of motorcycles "Ural", "Dnepr". Dana rules

operating techniques and troubleshooting. Shows

sequence assembly and disassembly of individual components and assemblies, the procedure for their

removal and installation, describes how to repair motorcycles. In the form of questions and

response provides practical experience in operating heavy motorcycles.

Book for motorcycle owners a series of "Ural", "Dnepr".
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