Luto familiar: um desafio na psicologia

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This book is about how to create a home studio wooden architecture on the desk.

What's wooden architecture, know almost everything. Hearing the phrase "Wooden Architecture", first of all, each is in front of the world-famous museum of Russian wooden architecture in the open air on the island of Lake Onega, Kizhi. Not only churches and cathedrals for centuries impresses with its grandeur and beauty, but also watchtowers and other fortifications, and even simple at first glance huts occupy a worthy place among the exhibits of the museum.

However, the main theme of the book is not, as such, wooden architecture and wooden architecture is on the table, that is, in a nutshell. Therefore, the vast majority of materials are devoted to, in one way or another connected with the construction of models of buildings and structures made of wood. The book aims to help wishing, without leaving the house, right at the desk with his hands to build a house or a temple, using the experience of the ancient masters, to touch the art of wooden architecture. Not only to learn about how to work the ancient architects, but also to experience the joy of creation.

The book will address the main issues that have to solve the master, both beginner and experienced in preparing and carrying out works on wooden building in a home workshop. The level of the materials selected in such a way that their meaning was clear to the novice. However, the master having sufficient experience, I hope, will not disregard many of the proposed school.

The first question that arises at the beginning of any business: "Where to start?". In our case, the answer is quite simple: "Of course, with hardware shop." Do not be afraid of the phrase "Workshop". With these words, usually before the imagination stand benches, machines, shelves with sets of tools, various tools, etc. However, our studio equipment much easier. All tools and accessories can quite easily fit in a small portfolio of the "diplomat". Still, to take the selection of tools is necessary seriously enough. No wonder people say: "Show me your instrument, and I'll tell you what kind of a master."

It is a question of creating a workshop of wooden architecture on a table covered in this book, which is called "home studio".

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