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Traffic Inspector - certifitsirovannoe comprehensive solution to organize and control access to the Internet. It does not require an expensive network equipment, provides flexible billing, robust network security, load balancing, accurate accounting and statistics, traffic and saving working time.

Key features:

• Providing access to the Internet. NAT, proxy, VPN, AD.

• Certified network protection. Firewall and anti-virus software.

• Control of Internet traffic. Monitoring and access statistics.

• Blocking sites, content and URL-filtering. Rules on the types, groups and categories.

• Saving traffic, time and money. Block banners and caching.

• Controlling the speed of Internet access. Dynamic shaper, load balancing priorities.

• Set up and manage routing. Advanced Routing, traffic redirection, publication services, back-up channels.

• Traffic accounting. The certified billing system. Counting, limits, automation.

• Mail gateway. Anti-spam and anti-virus for mail.

• Remote administration. Console and access via a web server.

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