Luto familiar: um desafio na psicologia

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In Constantinople, the Turk

Valya, torn and dirtied,

"The plan of the city of St. Petersburg"

("Per square inch - 300 yards ...")

And flinched memories! ..

And froze step ... And my eyes moist ...

In my anguish, as well as on the plan:

- "In the square inch - 300 yards! .."

N. Agnivtsev "Plan of the city of St. Petersburg"

Agnivtsev belonged to St. Petersburg as a beloved woman. He does not just love - he worshiped, adored, lived and breathed this city, everything was somehow connected with it. Agnivtsev - not just "Russian Soviet poet", he first of all - the poet Petersburg. You see page: Brilliant St. Petersburg
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