Luto familiar: um desafio na psicologia

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Jean-Leon Gerome (1824-1904) lived and worked in Paris, traveled to Italy and the East (Turkey, Palestine, Egypt). A very prolific, very famous. Many of his paintings devoted to the East.

Detailed image of characters, utensils, paintings of the situation makes it a document of its time.

The album has the next section: "Clothing", "Hats", "weapon", "shoes", "Architecture", "Horse gear", "carpet", "Other".

The album can be useful to historians of fashion and architecture, decorators, hudozhnikam- directors, stylists.

The album has 45 pages, 75 color illustrations.

Boris Rokhlenko - journalist, writer and author of over 300 articles published on the website "School of Life". His articles have been viewed more than two million readers, it ranks 11th in the overall ranking of the authors of "School of Life".

Subject articles Boris Rokhlenko - from family relationships to the analysis of literary works, meetings with interesting paintings by his contemporaries to describe the classics.

The most comprehensive book of Boris Rokhlenko - "Rubens - the legend of all time." The site she presented a separate section.

You see page: Personal details in the paintings of Jean Leon Gerome
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