Luto familiar: um desafio na psicologia

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The book revealed nearly two centuries of history study of archaeological monuments of Altai in the prerevolutionary period. The reader learns how, from the first semi-legendary news of Siberian antiquities excavations kladoiskateley- "bugrovschikov." It went on the discovery and study of archaeological sites. how to replace the legendary tales of the mysterious "Chud" come pre-Russian scientific understanding of the history of the region. The book is intended for a wide circle of readers. You see page: Mikhail Demin. Discoverers of Antiquities.
File format Word. Excerpt: "... A significant role in the archaeological study of the Altai played unselfish, innate curiosity of the common people. Farmers rudoznattsy, metallurgical workers, Russian and Altai have always shown a keen interest in the past of the area. Unfortunately, their participation in the discovery and study of ancient monuments are rarely taken to a page of documents, and interpretation of the folk traces former life are preserved only in a later recorded legends of Altai and Russian folklore. According to the most common folk version of the origin of burial mounds in the Altai inhabited remote times no fairy-tale characters, but real people - "Chud" did not have, according to legend Altai nor khans nor zaisans. Shortly before the arrival of people to Siberia White king of the ancient inhabitants of the region, not wanting to submit to the will of another, took refuge with the property in their homes, after making the top earthen or stone mounds (alternatively legends were first dug special pits). Pull up these structures poles, for they buried themselves alive by landslides mounds (in another version, rack obkladyvayut Bogorodskaya grass and set on fire). The word "Chud" Siberian residents, according to the observations of the historian of the XVIII century. IE Fischer, linked not certain Finno-Ugric ("Chud") tribes and unknown ancient peoples ("eccentrics"), who left numerous monuments ... »Download Mikhail Demin. Discoverers of Antiquities.
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