Luto familiar: um desafio na psicologia

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The recommended form of the calculation of the total value of precious metals and precious stones contained in exported goods (Decision of the College of ECE from 16.08.2012 N 134)
Calculation of liquidity. Form N 2809 (monthly) (Resolution of the Board National Bank of 31.10.2006 N 172)
Report on the status of settlements (Form 12-F (calculated) (monthly, urgent)) (Decision of the National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus of 15.01.2014 N 9)
The calculation of regulatory capital adequacy. Form N 2801 (monthly) (Resolution of the Board National Bank of 31.10.2006 N 172)
The standard form of calculation of the need for budget appropriations for the reimbursement of expenses associated with the provision of public services to the popu You see page: Forms of the calculation reports, information, registri
Consolidated calculation of maximum allowable losses when the wine product processed (Form P-51) (Order of the Ministry of Agriculture on 30.06.2011 N 262)
Information about payment for the purchased agricultural products for state needs (Form (11 times a year)) (Order Belgospischeprom Republic of Belarus 28.11.2013 N 310)
Calculating costs of the statutory activities of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Form 1-59 (Decree of the Ministry of Finance 15.10.2010 N 111)
Calculation of expenses for the development of material and technical base of public research organizations. Form 1-60 (Decree of the Ministry of Finance 15.10.2010 N 111)
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