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  Acceptance credit line - is - 1/1

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unsecured overdraft in national or foreign currency

transfer requirements

an agreement under which the bank agrees to accept bills drawn exporter, secured in the form of trade bills

the risk that the exporter does not deliver the goods or take it out of time and quite a different quality or specification

  In the US, with January 1, 2013 (in accordance with the requirements of Public Law of May 23, 2010 № 111-148) introduced the following taxes: - 1/1

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corporation tax

tax on health care


tax on property

  Subsidiary - a - 1/1

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company in which the parent company - the owner of more than half the shares (stocks) and which is registered in the host country as a legal entity

company in which the parent company owns at least 10% but not more than 50% of shares (shares) and which is a legal entity. Classification of international corporations rather conventional

separate structural unit of the company

the local branch of a large enterprise, institution or public organization

  The types of financing an exporter applies: - 1/1

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  The classic Russian TNK not applicable - 0/1

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  What are the different types of TNCs? - 1/1

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horizontally integrated

vertically integrated



  The international environment of today´s business - it - 1/1

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legal entities that are created solely for the purpose of minimizing taxes by non-residents of care out of their own national tax jurisdiction

set of interrelationships and interdependencies agents of economic activity in the global economic body, which was formed in the territory of the Earth under the influence of the international division of labor

the division of labor in the global economy

the acquisition by residents of the country´s assets abroad. The acquired assets can be real, such as in the case of foreign direct investment or financial, that is, represented foreign securities

  International arbitration - a - 1/1

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dispute resolution process, during which both sides agree to the transfer of their cases to a third party or body whose decision they recognize

judicial resolution of the dispute by the Russian arbitration court

informal and confidential way for parties to resolve their disputes with the help of an independent mediator

resolution of the dispute within the company

  The offshore part of the territory as a part of or subordinate to any state - 1/1

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British Virgin Islands




  The product adaptation strategy includes - 1/1

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sale of products in foreign markets, produced for the domestic market unchanged

modification of the product offering according to the needs of foreign customers

new product to meet the demands of consumers overseas

company reorganization You see page: Test 01-ECL-TEST International Business Environment
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