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Which organization is specialized in the implementation of investment and advisory activities? - 1/1

   What are the existing Code of legal forms of business organization? - 1/1

   At the microeconomic model of "demand - offer" bid increases if: - 1/1

   True or False: "One of the tenets of the strategic trade theory states that the government can contribute to the prosperity of the state power through the development of trade policies that enhance the competitiveness of domestic companies related to natural monopolies"? - 1/1

   recommended on personal computers to protect information - 1/1

   From the list below, select all of the correct statements. - 0/1

   The types of financing an exporter applies: - 1/1

   By the transaction costs of companies doing business abroad does not include: - 1/1

   What measures for protection of confidential information may take the employer? Select all correct answers. - 0/1

   Which of the following statements is false? - 1/1

   The best state for doing business in the US - it is - 1/1

   Must the joint-stock company to report to the tax office (registration authority) to change the composition of its shareholders? - 1/1

   Note the types of criminal responsibility. - 1/1

   Note the personal quality, contributing to the recruitment of personnel competitors: - 1/1

   Relatively long time inter-organizational agreement on cooperation, which provides for the sharing of resources and / or management structures of two or more independent organizations located in two or more countries to jointly carry out the tasks related to the corporate mission of each of them - a - 1/1

   The product adaptation strategy includes - 1/1

   Stagflation is: - 1/1

   The company is called perfectly-competitive if it is: - 1/1

   What is the constituent documents of an individual entrepreneur? - 1/1

   Legal person always has: - 1/1 You see page: Test 01-ECL-FINTEST Final test "Economics and Law"
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