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AlfaInternet.ORG - a specialized service for the promotion and popularization of sites

the Internet, through automatic registration site in directories, search engines,

ratings of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries.

Actions on promotion, website promotion on the Internet, in most cases,

aimed at the registration site in search engines and directories, and only then banner

and other advertising. Therefore, in the first place after the creation of the website it is necessary to "tell"

its presence search engines and directories.

And this is our main task!

The basic principle of the service - it's automatic filling of registration forms

search engines, directories and ratings. Please note that the service does not approve

actions to spam search engines and directories, and uses special mechanisms

do not allow to use the system for these actions!

FAQ: Why do it?

If you are not new to the internet - you do not just register their sites in search engines,

catalogs, ratings, and every time you had to fill out similar forms

registration and to make them the same information: the site name, url, e-mail, etc.

System Alpha Internet offers facilitate your work and save time -

once complete the form on our website, and then only choose the partition

send data to the control register and the registration process.

One major difference AlfaInternet.ORG other similar services,

constant checking and updating of data on the catalogs, as well as hand-

Rating directories which guarantees the presence in the database only really

existing search engines, search engines rankings.

Thus, you will not only speed up the registration process by

automatic placement information and place it in the best

Russian-speaking and English-language resources.

By using this service, you can save dozens of hours of your time

and more than 1,000 rubles, which would have had to pay for dialup access or

Traffic at work on a dedicated line. Automatic registration site

with the help of Alpha Internet is much cheaper than manual feed data

offers a catalog. Registration costs you a few minutes

(Plan «Gamma»), 2-3 hours (plans «Alfa» and «Beta»).

We hope that you will appreciate the opportunity and will use the service

Automatic registration site with the creation of their new works and projects!

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To use a PIN code, you should already be an account in the system.

If you have an account - register go when at

To replenish the balance necessary to:

1. Enter the "Control Center advertising" (authorization)

2. On the "Desktop" by clicking on "Activate PIN code" (the button is located on the right side of the desktop under your balance)

3. In the "Instant recharge through scratch card activation" Enter card details.

CAUTION PIN card is divided into two parts, "Number" and - "PIN:" Accordingly, the first of the maps - is a number.

PART TWO CARDS - this pin. Enter data in the appropriate fields and click on the map button to the right "Activate" your account balance replenished automatically!

4. !!! ATTENTION !!! Not to make mistakes !!! COPY CARD can be no space !!!

5. If there is a problem - please contact customer support services. Contact below.

PS !!! Do not be quick to leave a negative review without consulting your dealer or service!

IF there is something you do not understand or know better refrain from shopping!

Agent: 20% (all denominations cards) Join!

Technical Support service:

Hotline +79629667597 (Send SMS with the essence of the problem and your ID or call)

Manager ICQ: 333-656-3 Manager E-Mail:

A successful business and good mood!
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AlfaInternet.ORG - Site Promotion and SEO. Pin 3 $