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The most complete illustrated encyclopedia devoted to the world's manufacturers of two - and three-wheeled vehicles in the history of motorcycle. In alphabetical order, it contains articles on the motorcycle companies, both known and those which previously almost no information is published.

Motorcycle - a symbol of freedom, independence and tenacity. This encyclopedia presents the fascinating world of motorcycles and motorcyclists, with their history and the present day.

A number of enterprises for which information was found in the archives, mentioned for the first time in the world. This book contains information about all domestic motorcycle factories.

You see page: Encyclopedia motorcycles
Authors: A.E.Vorontsov, E.V.Pevzner, D.V.Dolnikov, A.G.Popov, R.M.Sazonov

Dear friends, since the book covers a large amount of I can not place it on the trading floor, with the purchase you will receive a link where you can download the book

Publisher: At the wheel

Pages: 291

Quality: scan

Format: djvu

Size: 54.5 Mb

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